How Do You Spell ‘YACHT’?

untitled,30″ x 30″, 2001,m/m

When I was a little girl growing up in the suburbs of Detroit

I led a small band of adventurers.

We would search out the huge (to us)

Drainage pipes being installed below

The many new roads in process of being carved out

To handle the encroaching masses.

We’d light a candle and crawl into the cavernous black

On our hands and knees

Never knowing what monsters lay in wait.

It was absolutely thrilling.

And oddly soothing to me to be underground

Away from my family and making my life follow

The direction I was choosing.. me.. little Cath…

I was captain of my own ship down there

And I loved it.

The dirt, the power, the mystery, the dark, the smells, the secrets.

I came across this amazingly futuristic design of a 100′ yacht the other day.

I find it interesting from a design standpoint

But laughed out loud to myself

As it made me think of my past underground adventures

And my preference for what they offered me

Over any thing this super-yacht might have to give.

I was glad to feel the tug of the underground

And wowed by the boat in the water

But, the pleasure quotient of smell of good dirt

And the perfume of the sea

Are equal to me.

As I recall, traversing ground on the humble power of my own hands and knees

Opened me to worlds beyond what I knew.

I think it was pretty good practice for

My life these days;

Closer to the ground than I ever thought possible.


One Response to “How Do You Spell ‘YACHT’?”

  1. Laura Hegfield on February 15th, 2011

    Oh Cathy. How our childhood adventures do prepare us for the unknowable that is to come…this place we find ourselves right now. I miss the smell of damp earth too but for me the childhood adventure was climbing trees. The roughness of the bark, and the blisters on my hands and my filthy, dirty, blackened bare feet. The thrill for me was climbing higher to a limb that felt terrifying yet cradled me against the sky, offering a perfect view into the blue of mystery…eternity captured in each breath. How free and blessed we were in those days, in those bodies, these bodies, the very same ones…yet so unfamiliar.

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