A Free Woman

“RAIN” installation, clay objects on nails sunk into wall




I am comfortable not being married.

My decision not to have children was a good one for me.

Even though I ride out the day in a wheelchair I am comfortable with my STATE.

Knowing I know very, very little helps me.

I adore red lipstick.

My guard has truly been let down with just 3 people.

If you can make me laugh you got me.

The love I have for my dog, Emma, likely verges on quite unreasonable.

I feel safer in Nature than with people.

The health challenge of MS saved me.

Freedom is my top value.

I seem nice but can be very fierce.

When I go out to a restaurant and dine by myself I find my own company very entertaining. She never bores me.

It is really fun to be a woman who loves lowrider cars, old trucks, INDIAN motorcycles, the smell of Mercedes and the lines of a Porsche.

My family is made up of remarkable people I love. I am proud of us.

When I periodically lose my connection to Spirit I feel worse than MS could ever make me feel. Only then do I think about dying.

My need for “depth of living” and self-examination annoys some people and I am still learning how not to care.

My best medicine is silence. I need an extraordinary amount.

I don’t know how to live with another person because I give my power away.

Even at 63 and a lifetime of therapy to get me healthy (which I am) I still don’t have a very clear picture of my own power and strength.

Santa Fe is my beloved. I put my feet down here and my soul sprouted.

I think I likely will be forced not to have any work done on my aging face because how can I start erasing if I haven’t got the whole “me” yet?

I always thought not needing anybody and being very independent were the holy grail. Now I know it is INTERDEPENDENCE.

Respect for another person is a major litmus test for me.

I watch how you treat those who serve us.

Honestly, I do not know what I have done to deserve the aid and assistance I have had in my life to become who I am. I could never, never, never , never have done it myself.

A good cup of coffee is sacramental.


3 Responses to “A Free Woman”

  1. Becky Patterson on August 18th, 2018

    I’m so glad I have the gift of chatting with a beautiful ( inside and out) FRIEND over heart-to-heart things that matter. Your art pieces are always so simple, essence of, that it causes me to settle down. Think simple. Because that’s where it’s at. You address being SOLO. I’m still calling it ALONE. I can barely stand eating in a Resturant alone. I squirm. Am self conscious. And I crave a partner, some creature comforts besides a cat
    or three. But then I’d end up being bossy, co-dependent. I like INTER-DEPENDENT. And feeling spiritually poor is worse than MS?! All this you’ve said reveals what a truly strong settled authentic woman you are. Whew! EVERYONES goal. You’ve accomplished what mama says ” I’m comfortable being uncomfortable”. Yes, I’ve been with friends who boss waiters around. You know why? Bc they can’t control anyone else. Once again you’ve made my day. Wheeling around in an earthy, creative, light and air, historic environment .????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????That’s how many feral cats I have. Love Becky

  2. Irene on August 18th, 2018

    “I feel safer in Nature than with people.” Absolutely. Aside from the dear husband, pets and a very few close friends, I rather be outside talking to the red rocks.

  3. ellen fox on August 18th, 2018

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I resonate with what you wrote, not the least of which is red lipstick! What brand and color do you use if you don’t mind telling me? And then my lessons, hard won about interdependence.

    LOVE the image.

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