A Small Thing


"PUSH",  22x30",  monoprint,  1999

"PUSH", 22x30", monoprint, 1999

Did you ever notice how one small whisper of a touch from someone can blast your heart open and leave you breathless and wondering how that seismic shift happened from such an insignificant gesture?

It makes me know that absolutely nothing I do is insignificant.  My way of being affects all those I come in contact with and also those I never cast an eye towards.

How can this be?    Is this what it means that we are all one?

Sometimes it’s just so much easier to think I am an island unto myself and tend my garden any which way I want.    It’s mine;  I’ll do what I please.

But really,   if that one touch caused such an effect of opening in me even when I didn’t want to,   I must take care with the effect I may have on another.  It may be you.. you who may need a little more softness and connection in your life today that I give my genuine smile to.    I really hope so..


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