"Veil" <b> 1994 <b> 45" x 60" m/m
“Veil” 1994 45″ x 60″ m/m

There is a road I know deep in Georgia O’keeffe country. It runs 13 miles of dirt along the Chama river. I go there when I need to find God fast. When my prayer is cast too quickly or the content dulled by impatience, I drive. The motion slows me somehow. An hour outside of town I start to feel clean. The sage signals the approach of the river around the bend and there she is; rushing and sparkling and alive and free. It’s the freedom thing that always gets me. She is confined to her path, seldom fighting the bank, Most days she gleams contentedly or maybe bucking with the slight under pressure of who knows what. She seems content to murmur on the straightaway or thrash and yield to the bothersome boulders in her way. It doesn’t seem the destination is of interest but I could be wrong. The longer I sit, the less dense I become. My blood somehow moves to match her. A huge quiet lifts my weary humanness and floats me, destination unknown.



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