"CONNECT"   <br>   2003 <br>   30" x 30"   <br> oil on panel

"CONNECT" 2003 30" x 30" oil on panel


I attended a workshop once and learned something.   The question was asked: “If you want to know what you truly love in this world, watch what you do all the time with no coaxing”.

I am a watcher.   I have a favorite coffee shop I go to where I feel totally at home and am always greeted by name with a genuine smile from behind the counter. There are, admittedly, many kinds of love but I can safely say I love the people who work there. They are real, funny, compassionate, irreverent, wise, without attitude, curious and diligent in delivering a class act experience. ‘Case you’re wondering, it is THE STATION in the Railyard…

This is what I do there: grab a cup of coffee, read the paper or better yet, a great and shiny magazine and I muse. I watch people; how they relate to one another or themselves. I feel the slight shifts in energy as one person arrives or leaves. I listen to the train blow it’s whistle and feel a prickly thrill thinking about some adventure.

Being there feels inspiring to me. I design art projects. I sketch on napkins. The life of an artist can be isolating at times. I get sick of myself and then I go to THE STATION. I go alone 99% of the time because this particular kind of time is a part of my work day. It might look to the outside world like ‘time off’ but for me, this is vital. I get things done. I get to take the pulse of my town. All the regulars support one another. These people are chosen family. My life is richer because of them and the environment they sustain. I spend so much time watching, registering, gathering information that when I choose to write or make a work of art it just sort of ARRIVES with a good deal of integrity already in it. As the form takes shape there is an ease to the execution because of all that has come before.

I love the fact that I have enough years on me to know the places and people who allow me to feel most naturally myself; no performance.


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