"SEEDS"   1995     ceramic     1"ea.

"SEEDS"  1993  ceramic  1" eachÂ



Where I live in New Mexico, s-p-a-c-e is the thing… It’s big here. VERY big. Bigger than us.

If you are smart, you have a healthy respect and curiosity about it. New Mexicans have been building walls around their homes for aeons to carve out a little bit of safety, intimacy, shade, ‘meness’. We know that Mother Nature rules because we’ve tested her once or heard about someone who did, and lost the bet.

It’s very seductive to build a wall. The separateness feels good initially. We can talk ourselves into believing we need ours for survival or perhaps comfort, but do we really? If I live in a suburb, do I need the giant lawn with the chain link around it? What do I lose while I’m basking in my independence? My neighbors’ name? What else?

I’m asking myself all these questions lately because I am changing. Instead of the protected space being the main event, the ‘space between’ interests me most.

I am editing my life in many ways and when all the STUFF is gone, there is room; room to feel myself, to feel you, to feel God, to feel my community, the people and ideas that call me and those which don’t. The ‘call’ actually becomes an audible cry, an electric current BETWEEN. The form of things loses it’s elan and the vibration excited by connection of some sort calls me- or repels me- but I can FEEL IT- where before I was too far removed.

I trust this new intelligence in me. Not intellectual, not manufactured in any way. It has an ease and rightness to it and the byproduct seems to be that the walls come tumbling down and the protection and armoring make no sense in the brightness of it all.


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