Intelligent Life


"Figure"      2002       ceramic       5"x3"

"Figure", Â Â Â 2002 , Â Â ceramic, Â 5"x3"


What is intelligent life?

I know a few people I consider intelligent life. All the animals and creatures I consider intelligent life.   The entire natural kingdom of plants and minerals have an intelligence about them.

What is the defining factor in my assessment here?

I suppose it would be the easy, surrendered trust that we are held…. by that I mean that we are not alone,  we have support beyond what we know,   we KNOW very little and there IS a way to be guided,  supported and nurtured by the universal life force.

The creatures, humans, minerals and plants I prefer to have as company all seem to effortlessly drink from this waterfall available to us.

When I try to decide things on my own without checking in to this vast store of natural intelligence,  I get totally screwed up.   Then I scrap the plan that sounded so brilliant, get quiet and LISTEN.   Just listen.   And ALWAYS from the silence comes intelligent life.  Every time.


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