Lost and Found

1980, detail of ceramic bowl, 18" x 13"

1980, detail of ceramic bowl, 18" x 13"


muscle tone and balance
tolerance for many foods
some friendships
patience for complaining in myself and others
desire to go to parties with more than 6 people
money spent on shoes and clothes that are too much trouble to button or tie now
the feeling of inherently trusting my body to do what I want
the need to do everything myself
my tolerance for heat and overexertion (no hot tubs)
a sense of the spontaneous
my body’s forgiveness for hedonistic excess
the pleasure of friends company when I have to cancel plans
the freedom to work with any art material I want to
the impetus to travel because I am so quick to fatigue
easy access to the wild, natural world I love
the empty place in my mind now taken up by having to know exactly where every
bathroom in town is at all times


humility as I walk with my walker
courage to begin again each day
peace in the knowledge I am becoming softer and less armored
very intimate connection with Spirit
knowledge of what is precious and essential for me to thrive
much more profound relationships with nature, animals and humans
wisdom to stop when I need to even when it’s inconvenient
comfort in the belief in divine order
more peace with the shadow side of life
pleasure in sharing my experience honestly with others and seeing how that allows
a place for them to open as well
gratitude and love for my precious and rich friendships
peace with imperfection
the thrill of creating from my authentic self
the solace of prayer
the gifts in the ordinary
the power in a smile
guidance and support from the wise ones in my life
courage to say no
courage to say yes
an internal GPS that helps me know where every bathroom w/in 5 miles is


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