New, 2007 <br>14" x 14"<br> Media: earth, nail, wood

New, 2007 14" x 14" Media: earth, nail, wood

I was brought up to strive toward excellence, The goal seemed to be to do anything it took to separate myself from the ordinary. Be more, do better, shine at all costs. As an adult I now recognize this as a tactic spurred by the cultural more’: If you can, do it bigger and better than your neighbor.

After a lifetime of stretching toward something better ‘out there’, I am tired, bone tired. The thrill of accomplishment has given over to the solace of yielding to the natural perfection inherent in any moment. From this vantage point there is space to choose rest or movement, to speak or be silent, make a mark or erase a line. The space between the two sentences or actions seems more intriguing than jumping from form to form.

I notice the set of my jaw or the kindness of an opened door or the arrival of an inspired thought or the hushed caution of Spirit. The highlight of a day becomes the slide of a clean sheet or the press of my dog into the small of my back. Each may have been missed in the quest for more and better. The odd thing is that when I move my awareness toward noticing the quiet substance on the other side of excess, life becomes rich indeed.

As I lean into the salve of the ordinary, the perfection of imperfection, I heal. The Japanese call it WABI SABI.


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