The Dinner Party

1992  50" x 36"  oil, canvas

"Couple" 1992 50" x 36" oil, canvas


I am going to give an imaginary dinner party because I don’t have the energy to give a real one.

This is WAY outside the box here but life is short…

This is who I’m inviting:

1. Jacques Cousteau

2. Katherine Hepburn

3. Ramana Maharshi

4. Lance Armstrong

5. Joseph Campbell

6. Queen Latifah

This is purely an intuitive list;  an ‘in the moment’ thing.
Hmm…Why these chosen ones?  What do I think I’d gain by sitting at their table?   What’s the draw?   What would they say to me?  What would they say to ME?  One thing each.. (this is fun).

                               *                *                *

Jacques:   “Always be curious but careful when you think you know.”
Katherine:   “Keep your own counsel. You’ll have more fun.”
Ramana:     “………………………………..” (silence)
Lance:    “Never say die, but you can cry.”
Joseph:    “Yield to the river.”
Queen Latifah:   “Make a big, elegant noise.”


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  1. Jose Perez on June 17th, 2010

    Queen Latifah is both a great singer and actress, i love this girl.;;*

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