This or That

"Choice"    2007    12" x 12"    ceramic, lens

"Choice" 2007 12" x 12" ceramic, lens

Our whole reality is really about our point of view. Am I whole and perfect or flawed and ‘less than’? Is the day too hot or am I grateful I live in Santa Fe and not Michigan? Is my walker a giant red flag that screams disability or is it a support which helps me stand tall and retain some sense of grace?

I remember how long I put off going to the hospital supply store to look at walking aids. I finally took a good friend with me and, as it turns out, we laughed, met some great people, made an adventure out of the whole thing and look back on that day with great memories. It really taught me that my pride, vanity, desire to ‘look good’ and not draw too much attention to myself as a ‘less-than-perfect-specimin’ were all manufactured by my culturally conditioned mind. The empty space that arrived when I dropped all that boring theater is infinitely more interesting and is jam packed with possibility. I need FUN! I need RICHNESS! I need ADVENTURE! I need CREATIVITY! I need CONNECTION! The more I yield to the river of this journey of mine instead of throwing giant boulders in the way, the more room I have for the unexpected and mysterious; territory I thrive on.


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