"Thread"    22 x 30   monoprint    1999

"Thread" 22 x 30 monoprint 1999

The world is a mess. I have the sense it’s all supposed to be exactly the way it is but it’s a real challenge to negotiate these choppy waters with any modicum of grace whatsoever. Some days I am so seared by peoples’ negativity and alignment with ‘victimness’ that all I can do is retreat to my cave and just not participate. This used to have the scent of avoidance but now I feel smart. After paying close attention for so many years to my state of being; emotionally, physically and spiritually, the foundation of health and well being I enjoy is very EARNED and PRECIOUS. The life I now lead is infused with goodness on many levels. I am learning to protect myself in new (to me) and necessary ways. As we all move from chaos and ego-driven lives toward the interdependence of lives lived in balance with each other and the whole, we are asked to soften, listen and surrender to intelligence beyond what we know.

My physical body seems to be acting like a ‘canary-in-the-mine’ as I am given the opportunity to make choices that support my thriving in the world. I do this by letting go the false thrill of accumulation and numbness seemingly so seductive not too long ago. I FEEL things now; the shadowy and the light. I crave simplicity, candor and mystery. I’ve got God in my pocket and a feast for a life, AND I am known to cry heavy tears when it is all just too darn much.

My prayer today is to have the consciousness to do what it takes to reclaim my own sense of balance and well-being before I end up causing the suffering of anyone else by making them pay in some way because it all just seems much too much for one human being to hold by herself.


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  1. keek on May 21st, 2009

    I miss many days with your words and then I have lunch with you and get caught up.Your writing nourishes me along with the food.I take deep breaths and am filled with inspiration..


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