"THE FIELD",  45"x45",  2001,  m/m

"THE FIELD", 45"x45", 2001, m/m


If we only use 10% of our brain power,  what is the other 90% doing?

And how can we corral it’s immense power and,  in my case,  help me heal?

I am constantly walking on the razors’ edge here;  by that I mean I pay close attention to working WITH this health challenge as far as not making it the enemy but not my lover either!   Sort of letting it have it’s voice and I try to listen.

I think about that as well as recognizing that our birthright (my sense is) is a whole,  radiant,  fully functioning,  fully capably physical form and this challenge is on my plate to find my way there.

It’s like;  surrender to the thing or fight it but with every smidgeon of consciousness I can muster.

That’s one of the things that makes me weary-  that constant readjusting I do when I realize I’m too far over into the  “I hate the way my body is”  and make the correction to soften into more of a  “What does my body and Spirit need in this moment?”

I think of that 10% brain access and my immediate reaction is that I don’t know how to get to the other 90%,  but that is not entirely true…

On my altar at home I have flowers.   They have been there for three weeks now.   They still look fresh and new.   I had the same flowers in the house and they lasted for a week and a half.  Everyday,  I look at the ones on my altar and go:  “Now, that is unbelievable.”  I keep saying that and not really GETTING that something out of the ordinary is happening there.

I think it has alot to do with the elusive 90%.

Today,  I’m going to sit before my altar and have an out loud conversation with God.  I may get angry….and if I do,  I’m just going to let it rip. I am going to ask for some of that 90% to be available for me in my healing.   I’m going to ask for some of my dense,  habitual ways of being human to be taken and replaced by a luminous transparency;  that very thing that is greening the flowers-  I am going to ask for that thing.


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