Average Eyes

"Critical Mass",   2006,  30"x30",  matches, earth, wood

"Critical Mass", 2006, 30"x30", matches, earth, wood


I would guess that the only thing I would attach the word  ‘sin’  to would be to go through life with average eyes.

I was lying in bed the other morning and it was early..  just after the sun came up and it had rained hard the day before.  I laid there watching the aspen leaves shivering in that ‘young-girl’ way they do.  Mourning Doves called,   light did that thing it does every day; it arrives.  And we never question it.

The world feels like one big complaint these days..   lay-offs, no sales, reduced nest egg, medical bills..

And yet- there is a gaining upon us.   I can sense it right behind the eyes swollen from tears and the clenched jaw with caved chest curling in to protect the heart.

We are being called to order.

I am being called to order.

Step up to the plate with your armor off and curiosity high.

For me,  this means things like watching what shows up BETWEEN the worried thoughts and  ‘make-wrongs’  that are so damn easy to do when life feels bigger than us.

I’m going to watch where my heart opens today.  and tomorrow..  and the next day.

I’m going to keep myself from blaming the world at large for my ‘condition’ and soften my narrowed eyes and really take a LOOK.

I’m going to look at the slight sparkle of hope I have,  just waiting for me to dust it off so I can see;

See the miraculous changes happening in a world so bent on comfort and the security of  ‘sameness’.  We ain’t got that no more..  I ain’t got that no more..  My body is not comfortable.   I can’t rely on the comfort of expecting it to do what it did.

So..  Is everything ‘less-than’ because of this?  I don’t think so.

As all our devotion to what WAS evaporates,  there is ROOM for something beyond what we know.

And how exciting is THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today,  I’m just going to look behind the discomfort of change for what might want to come forward and make a place for it to do that.

Just for today.


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