Untitled,  ceramic,  2001,  8"x4"x1"

Untitled, ceramic, 2001, 8"x4"x1"


Did you know that the time between a caterpillar and when it emerges as a butterfly,  inside the chrysalis is LIQUID?

Yes,  the caterpillar forms the pod-like nest for itself and withdraws from the world.

It begins it’s transformation by surrendering to a liquid state.

It’s innate intelligence gathers into the next stage of existence.

This time it can fly!

The butterfly scratches a way out of the chrysalis and warms itself in the sun.  Gets all the kinks and wrinkles out and lifts off….

I am enchanted with all this as I become aware of the changes in me…   I see in my face that my beauty is deeper,  my well of knowledge is more,  my light is gaining and my connection to Spirit is unbreakable.  I see these things;  notice these changes and yet,  MY BODY DOESN’T WORK RIGHT!  How could this discrepancy be happening?   It does not rationally make sense to me.

And rationality doesn’t have a THING to do with it.

My sense is that my psyche has it’s own pace for evolving,  gathering,  becoming.

My body is hiking its’ own hike-  I like to think it is in that liquid state- similar to the caterpillar / butterfly.

Perhaps,  because my physical body is denser than my psyche,  it needs time and rest and the state of withdrawal from the world to make the leap from caterpillar to flying thing;  to catch up,  so to speak, with the other changes going on in me.

SOMEthing is happening…. I am so grateful to be curious instead of bitter.


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