"PASSAGE",  2000,  36"x50",  m/m

"PASSAGE", 2000, 36"x50", m/m


Dark days.

Blue mood.

Today,  I’m going south to an old mining town to gather coal for a project.
A friend is helping me with some web design and we are doing a trade for the work.  His web mastery/ my art.

Funny,  how the thought of winding my way down and around until I get to vast spills of coal turns me on..

I’m going to cover geometric forms with this sparkly,  gritty, mysterious,  black stuff.  You can see some work similar to what I’ll do with the coal if you click on:  “Cathy’s current work”  to the left of this post.

I chose coal for this particular man because he is really familiar with ‘the shadow’ as I am;  not having had an easy time of it on the planet. He is the epitome of cool..  cool motorcycle,   cool hair,  cool demeanor,  cool talk,  fast and smart.   He is oozing creativity and truly a master at what he does.   Thus- the coal…   It generates heat.   So does he.   It has a sheen that makes you want more but it’s tempered with a touch of danger.   So does he.   It is black and multi-faceted and mysterious and makes you think of men working hard in a mine and loading up trains;  dirty with white startled eyes.   My friend is handsome,  though he has that muscled,  ‘known hard work’  kind of body.  Anyway, the choice for coal to as the material to do this piece for him feel perfect.   I can imagine the dark, magical stuff covering these shapes hanging on the wall casting intriguing shadows.  I recognize I may have my own story going on here about who he is, but it’s fun and I’m stickin’ to it.

I love my art.

I certainly hope he does.

Just writing about it moved me from black to light.

Life is good.

Off to the coal spill…….


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