Fullness of Being

"WHITE TREE",  2004,  12"x12",  m/m

"WHITE TREE", 2004, 12"x12", m/m


Have you ever noticed how some people seem full?

Full of life and an expansiveness that is almost electrifying but really resides in peace?

And then there are other people who seem pinched and wanton and need their inner garden watered?

I love watching people and allowing them to be mirrors for myself.

Yesterday,  I saw a good friend I had not seen in years.  He’s always been part of my ‘tribe’;  my inner circle,  but we don’t know each other well.  We don’t know each other’s stories.  Don’t really care about our respective personalities and how they jive or don’t.   We just ARE together.   It’s never a surprise,  that intimacy when I see him;  just a welcome reminder of what is beyond personality.

Anyway,  yesterday I saw him.  He looked bigger,  brighter and his visage had changed as well as the way he held his body in space.  He looked,  felt utterly new to me.

He told me his stories of recently crashing emotionally and what he did in response to heal.

It was interesting but not as much as how mutable this guy is…

He is FULL..   full of EMPTINESS!!!!  How weird..   Full of nothing..     But the nothing is READY.   Ready to be filled.

I recognize this in myself as well.  This readiness.   I also recognize the pinched quality my body carries.  It is tired,  stressed,  wondering what to do,  scared,  angry at having to face all these ‘body- centric’ issues daily,  frustrated with the spotty results my various actions toward wholeness achieve.

So…. wholeness.    How to get it.  Keep it?

I really get the sense that surrender is a key here.  STOP DOING.

Today,  I will rest in the original net of wholeness that was there before all these pesky ‘lessons’ came along.

I will trust I am not doing this alone and walk purposely in the world but softly;  softly,  not to disturb the gathering of fullness.


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