"VALLEY",   2002,   6'x20",  m/m

"VALLEY", 2002, 6'x20", m/m


I’ve been thinking about integrity.

It is interesting to me because I keep being curious about what I am to get from this experience of MS.   It is my nature and belief to sense the probability that the challenge I am dealing with here is not random and is here for a reason.   At least this way of looking at it keeps me entertained if nothing else.

Thus,  my looking at  ‘integrity’.   In my youth I used to be a champion gymnast.   I took first place in floor exercise when I was 14 at the state finals in Michigan.  I also competed in the balance beam and uneven parallel bars.  I know what integrity in a human body feels like.  What I experience today is not that.

So… it makes me think:   “Where in my life am I out of integrity?   What can I do about it?”   And will doing something about it help my body feel more integrated?

Intuitively,  I know the answer is yes.

So..  I am going to make this month about integrity,  which is defined in the dictionary as ‘an unimpaired condition, undivided.”


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