My Morning

"DREAM",  1999,  30"x30",  m/m

"DREAM", 1999, 30"x30", m/m


I just love early.  Early morning just as dawn eases in.

So full of promise,  don’t you think?

Or not…  depending on your mood.


I’m going horsebackriding.  Then picking up some rocks I had drilled for a project.   Horses.. rocks..  what else does a girl need?

Some days,  like today,  just arrive with goodness built in.  Whatever shows up on my plate today feels ‘doable’.

Of course,  the powers that be may have the last laugh but this morning…  I AM HAPPY.  I FEEL GOOD.

I’m going to prepare myself,   open my door,  step out in the world and be curious;  curious to see what particulars light up in front of me like a Christmas tree asking to be noticed for the absolute perfection they are….

I know I’ll feel surprised..  surprised at what actually shows up as perfection..

It’s liable to be small things like how my dogs’ eyes fill when I tell her I love her,  or the fact I can easily slip onto the horses’ back without making a fool of myself in the process,  or that when I pick up the rocks today at the stoneyard,  the guys are all proud and puffed up at the work they’ve done for me because they know it’s good and will make me happy… these things matter…  these human things;  so small,  so precious.

Today,  I’m just grateful for the opportunity to step out the door on my own steam and witness the whole,  gorgeous theater of it all.


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  1. Pam on June 17th, 2009

    I love these mornings too. What a fantastic day lies ahead!

    Always so inspiring to read your thoughts and words, Cathy.

    Much love,


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