"GATHERING",  2002,  40"x40",  m/m

"GATHERING", 2002, 40"x40", m/m



How to get it.

How do YOU get it?  Really,  I’m wanting to know.

My sense is that for YEARS,  ages,  eons,  I’ve been spending my energy on others before myself.

I’ve spent it as fast as I got it.

I used to have what felt like an inexhaustible reserve.   Now I don’t.

I am pretty empty,  it seems.

I do one thing per day and I’m spent.

This is not the quality of life that I thrive on.   And we don’t change,  it seems,  until those imaginary rainbow-colored, glittery stories we’ve lived by all this time go grey.

So…  here’s what I’m doing:

Eat green and healthy.   Lie down when I need to.  Go to bed REALLY EMBARRASSINGLY early.   Say no more often.  Meditate.
Keep my home ordered and clean so it’s always restful to look around.   Not do ANYTHING I don’t have to.  Stop worrying so much and become soft in trust.  Stay out of my head.  Learn stuff from my dog.

I could go on but really,  I want to keep this simple.

Here’s my litmus test:

If it feels good, ok.

If it feels hard in any way,  let it go without judgement.

Simple,  huh?

We’ll see…….

I am serious-   tell me what YOU do! I need some ideas, ok?


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