Writing on the Wall


"MARKINGS",  2003,  30"x40", m/m

"MARKINGS", 2003, 30"x40", m/m


 Do you think we,  as human beings,  prefer to live in a state of familiarity so much so that we actually recreate the same level of stress in our bodies no matter what,  just so we unconsciously get that weird comfort level of struggle we are used to?

I know,  I know…  we’ve heard it all before,  these metaphysical gyrations that one could just pass off as the mind working overtime to find reasons for a less-than-whole physical vessel.

I believe my birthright is a radiant,  healthy,  fully functioning body which allows me to move through life with ease and grace.  So… if that is my sense of things,  my task is to ferret out any and every mindset,  habit,  less-than-conscious behavior,  outside influence,  emotional muck and dietary deviation that keeps me from THAT.

My nature is,  at baseline;  curious,  peaceful,  grateful,  creative,  adventuresome and kind hearted.

Somewhere along the line I began protecting that very core of me by armoring myself up,  becoming hypervigilant and expectant of a less-than-thriving existence.   This way of being has become a uniform I feel naked without.

I am blessed to have a courageous and connection-loving spirit which has kept my sight usually an inch or two above the muck and mire.

My body can’t heal on subsistence rations of juicy,  gooey,  gorgeous,  luminous living.

I’m going to watch where I’m  ‘pinched’  and invite utter fullness knowing that I’ll need some help reacquainting myself with exactly what that is and how it feels in my body.

I think it will be like learning a new language;  awkward at first but by and by various  ‘tipping points’  are met and my comfort level will build accordingly.

Just writing about this makes me feel at the threshold of health. Gotta go with that……


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  1. Cathy on June 21st, 2009

    thank you for taking the moment to read…really appreciate it.. C

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