An Odd Time

"CATERPILLAR",  2004, 13" x 4" x 2", ceramic

"CATERPILLAR", 2004, 13" x 4" x 2", ceramic



Such a time we are in..

Chaotic…madness everywhere,  short fuses and long opinions.

I really have this odd sense it is all supposed to be happening exactly as it unfolds.

My body is leaving behind a whole identity it has known and trusted and loved.

We,  as humans on the planet today are being asked to leave behind closely held beliefs and ideas about much of what we have POSITIVELY known to be true:

Shaky ground, this…


My body is disintegrating which allows me to check out  ‘the void’.

That place we would rather NOT turn toward but when we do  (read: are forced to..)  as individuals or culture,  nation,  planet;   we get a glimpse of POSSIBILITIES we’ve never dreamed of.

All this chaos seems to open us into less  “I AM SURE I KNOW….”
And then that  ‘roller coaster stomach’  place of;  “I DON’T KNOW” shows up and away we go on the ride of our lives.

Pity we don’t evolve until we get uncomfortable enough.  Comfort is so seductive.

The air we all breathe these days is laced with the acrid scent of change.

But at some point in the near future,  it seems,  our car will change lanes and pull ahead of the clunker ahead spewing all it’s exhaust in a choking fog.  We’ll pull off to the side,  press the accelerator and slide the machine into new air,  dazzling in it’s newness and heady pull.

Perhaps my body will remain challenged but the rest of me is opening and reaching and curious about this new landscape.

Who’s to decide what perfection is,  anyway?

I have absolutely no interest in that concept anymore.

All these years of KNOWING are boring to me now.

I really don’t know much.

And that leaves PLENTY of room for …………………………


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