untitled,  2000,  ceramic,  4" x 1/4"

untitled, 2000, ceramic, 4" x 1/4"


I have always loved this little sculpture.

I think it is because of the beautiful,  economic and poignant movements my hands went through to make it.

I rolled out a little slab of clay.

Cut it into a triangle.

Picked it up and softened the edges I had just cut.

Laid it down on the table.

Took my thumb and made these lovely,  quick motions of very lightly pressing into the body of the triangle and making a quick sweep outwards leaving this gorgeous, fragile edge all the way around.

It looks fragile and pretty spontaneous but when you pick up the finished piece it feels like a large arrowhead.  Full of power.   Could do you in if it wanted to.   It feels purposeful in its’  ‘in-the-moment-honedness’.   Quick,  not too thought out,  simple and ready.  It feels perfect to me. It was easy and done in a couple moments.  Nothing extra there.  Elegant at rest in my hand.

Something to take note of;  the non-doingness that made the thing.

These days I have very little energy to DO stuff.

And so I remember the rightness of this sculpture made in perfect ease and no thinking involved.


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