Faith and Hope

detail, untitled, 12" x 12", 2003

detail, untitled, 12" x 12", 2003, m/m


A good friend opened up the conversation on the difference between faith and hope.

Never really thought about it before.

Very separate things in my mind, tho..

Hope feels more like a wish.  Kindof magical thinking.   A desire for……………

It feels airy and diffuse.  Not too much substance behind it but a good beginning.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here but my sense is that hope can NOT take form or substance unless a part of us surrenders into FAITH.

Faith,  for me,  is the KNOWLEDGE that a prayer  (different than hope)  has been heard and is somehow in process but the clincher is that we have no idea what the result will be.   It will most likely NOT be what we HOPED for but we have FAITH that what comes forward toward us is CORRECT for US.

Hindsight has shown me the gameplan..

If I don’t give the universe any direction at all around my desires,  intentions,  goals,  prayers…
What tends to be left on my doorstep is undefined and confusing and not very useable.

But IF I put energy forward in a GENEROUS way without my egotistical foot on the gas and recognize that my desire may actually be met but come in a different flavored life-saver.. well,  then I’ve got a heart with a little more space in it to accept a different result than I thought I wanted.    WHEW!!

Take my MS diagnosis for instance..

I have always been a person who loves solitude AND connections with people.  I have kept a relationship with Spirit at the forefront of my life since I can remember.

Because of the changes in my physical self  (can’t do what I used to),  my emotional self  (need lots of silence and stress-free time),  psychic self  (toleration levels for other people’s drama is zero)…. BECAUSE of these changes I am brought to my knees and have a much more intimate relationship with Spirit.

Now,  would I wish this path of mine on anyone?   No.

Are many of my prayers being answered through this challenge?  Yes.

Do I have FAITH that I am not in this alone?  (God, are you listening?)   Yes.

Do I have HOPE for the miracle of remission?  Yes.

HOPE seems like a horizontal line.

And FAITH a vertical one.

And where they meet is a sweet,  sweet spot,  indeed.


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