"GRID",  4' x 4',  2003,  m/m

"GRID", 4' x 4', 2003, m/m


Finally feeling back to myself.

I feel GOOD.

I feel life in me and around me and not so self absorbed in my body’s world.

It’s a relief to everyone…  mostly me.

I have always gravitated to a grid pattern in my art when I am in a transition of some sort or emotionally shaky or just plain OFF in any way, shape or form.

I do this intuitively and see it as a sort of pattern in the body of work I’ve created over a lifetime.

Of course,  it makes sense, really…

A grid lends a stable foundation to move from.

It’s elements are perfectly placed so they use the support of their neighbor to remain solid and intact.  They do not insist on existing alone for their own sake as you would find in abstract art.

And so. .right now I watch myself be drawn again to create and also to live inside a sense of order-  clean house,  clear mind,  lots of open space for healing on every level.

It is sooooooooo easy for chaos to get me by the throat.

One catch of my foot on a tree root and I’m down where I can’t get up.

So I put my humility on like a pretty dress, grab my walker and be grateful for the support.


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