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detail of sculpture,  2002,  ceramic

detail of sculpture, 2002, ceramic


I had an astrological reading the other day.

He is very astute and has the ability to get out of his own way and not make predictions but just relate what he sees as the symbology presenting itself in a persons’ chart.

What interested me was the metaphor he used for the effects we are seeing represented world-wide
as well as how those same energies affect us personally.

He spoke of a hurricane and how it hits solid ground with a force.

We deal with that onslaught until finally a strange stillness occurs.

We think it is over and relax a bit.

But no…

This is the eye of the storm.

His sense is that we are inside that eye now.  We saw the economy collapse.   Greed unmasked.  Our values shift.   We pull our attention closer to center and release future-thinking a bit.   We tighten our belts and prick up our ears in a slight readiness for what?

We’re not sure…

But we sense SOMETHING coming.   I do,  at least.

My astrologer friend likens this hyper-alertness to his sense that the second wave of the storm will be here at years’ end.   He didn’t have an idea of what it might look like but felt it’s power and effect to be greater than the first wave.

What does this information have to do with anything?

I have had the sense that all this catastrophic fear-inducing talk on everyones’ tongue only makes sense if we return to our own inner landscape and tend to the upheavals there.

Do I have dread?   Is there fear? Has chaos taken hold and dragged me down its’ gritty road so I am scraped and scarred?   And what do I do with these pesky obstacles? Shall I eat?  Buy something?  Hide the pile of bills behind a stack of books?  Make someone wrong for something?  Move?  Complain?  Get sick?  Take a vacation?  

There are always ‘SLIMY GOODIES’ we get from indulgences such as these. (Speaking personally, here..)

 It is SO MUCH EASIER to sit in the middle of the drama of what is happening in the world.  Television makes it colorful,  loud,  entertaining in it’s apocalyptic theater.

For me, it seems the only thing to do that makes any sense at all is to release myself from the addiction of looking OUT THERE for solutions and turn inward to manage my own demons.


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