The Holy Grail

"FOG",  30" x 30",  2005, m/m

"FOG", 30" x 30", 2005, m/m


Joseph Campbell talks about the knights of the round table being given the task of finding the HOLY GRAIL.

In the story it becomes apparent that the grail cannot be found if one approaches the forest and chooses a path set by someone else.

The quest must begin by entering the deepest darkness of the forest where no man has gone before.   One must make their own trail,  face all shadows and fear and only then does the knight have a chance of taking home the treasure.

The treasure for me is a richly connected life.

I see that following worn and well travelled roads will not get me there.

And so I wake up and begin again.  I pick my spot to enter the forest.

Some days I just move guardedly through the shadows and grow weary of clearing the path.   I turn around and go home.

Other days the shadows open into meadows flecked with wildflowers and a sweetwater creek.

This gives me strength and I press on…


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