Together or Apart?

"LINGAM",  1992,  6' x 5',  m/m

"LINGAM", 1992, 6' x 5', m/m



I remember creating this piece so long ago.   I still love it,  somehow.

Probably because it is so very different than ANYTHING else I ever did.

Where did it come from?  What is it about?

I do know it was a homage to the male and female energies we each carry within us.

It was created during a period when I was interested in the idea of making an image that seemed as if it was either falling apart or coming together but you couldn’t decide which.

The color makes me think of that ‘God-light’ that happens here in New Mexico for just seven minutes at sunset.

The mystery that keeps my attention in this painting is the same one that keeps me from going into despair regarding the challenges I face in my body.

Am I falling apart or coming together?

It might LOOK to others like a progressively poor state of affairs over here in ‘Cathy-land’ but if they could get the full picture of the precious and unexpected changes happening,  not a tear would be shed, believe me!

But I can’t really explain that so I think the only thing to do is to BE it…  whatever IT is…

Clearly this territory defies articulation sometimes.


How weird.

And surprising.

And weird.


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