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"PORTRAIT OF PLACE",  22" x 22",  2006, m/m

"PORTRAIT OF PLACE", 22" x 22", 2006, m/m



I suppose there was little chance I could go through a week at the MAYO Clinic unscathed.

By that I mean that even though the environment was perfection and the experience as a whole more than positive, there was still the pall of the ‘death sentence’ at the end from both doctors.

My heart was moved when I saw their sad and disappointed eyes as they said:  “You have Primary Progressive MS and we don’t have anything in our doctor bag to help you.”

It’s darn nigh impossible not to take that on,  I tell you……

But here I am,  a couple weeks home and watching myself come back to life,  I’d say.

After negotiating this path for years now,  I do have some things in my kit-bag that have proven to have results in heightening my health and quality of life.

No stress.   REALLY clean diet.   Stay out of the heat.  Conserve energy and leave my ‘type-A-ness’ behind.  Tried and true supplements.  Say NO when I have to . Drink water.   Get help when I need it.

These are things that shift the tide for me.

I know this because I’ve tried NOT doing them.  Often.

It’s just the way I seem to learn.

Stubborn girl.

The point here is that the foundation of my landscape is possibility.  I lose the thread to that and I am done.

Yes,  this is a different life than I had imagined but richly textured with questions,  creativity,  gratitude and promise…

As long as I lift my head high enough to see…


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