Inner Weather

"RENAISSANCE",  2008,  10' x 4' x 4',  naturally pigmented earth, mdf

"RENAISSANCE", 2008, 10' x 4' x 4', naturally pigmented earth, mdf


The weather changed here the other day.

It is only August 1 and our sky has shifted it’s blue and the air has a new clarity.

These are Santa Fe signs of Autumn.  But she’s early.

I can feel SOMETHING trying to come forward in myself,  as well.

It feels good.  Right.  New.   Mysterious.  Inspired.   Grounded.

I really don’t know much more than this.

Physically,  I see that my clean diet and attention to de-stressing my life,  along with other efforts toward creating a thriving existence ARE WORKING!

Change is upon me and today it is welcome.

Yes,  I know..  tomorrow or the next hour could be a different story..

But not just for me..  me with MS..

Yes,  my frailties are very public and not hideable.   You see me limp and struggle with heavy doors and cancel plans.

But is that so very different than you?

Perhaps it isn’t an apparent limp or weakness visible to the entire populous..

But I know the current shifting sands in the world at large affect us all.

My body seems just to be acting like a magnified petrie dish for the wonders and horrors that we ALL must face.

So today..  just for today..  I feel good..  I have hope.   I have faith.  I feel my beauty inside and out.

I have a little bit of precious life energy in my reserve tank today to spread around.

So please enjoy..

xxxx C.


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