Let Her Go

"TRIBE" detail,  2000,  13" x 24" x 4",  ceramic, wood, steel

"TRIBE" detail, 2000, 13" x 24" x 4", ceramic, wood, steel




Just let that one go.
You know, the one you know so well?
That girl with the life juice that yearns to do every damn thing.
Even when she’d really rather not.

Just let that one go.
The gracious woman glad to be included
But blind to the truth of it,
That there is no interest there.

Let her go.
She worrys she’s not enough
Because poetry calls louder
Than the heat of the melting pot.

Let her breathe.
Agreements be damned
And yes-saying curtailed
Until she meets herself. Her Self.

Let her know.
She’s a smart one, that!
Every secret hidden,
And now is REMEMBERED! (in the Quiet)

Let her be.
This innocent stumbler.
A constant sure step
Misses Humility altogether.

Let her SAY!
The Horror, the Hope and Fury,
And Awe and Grief and Mercy
In this shadowy temple.

Let her pray.
For gut-wrenching laughter
And that lightness of being
Behind every tear.

Let her sit.
At the Gratitude table. 
Keeping company with candles,
Just loving the light.


C.A. 2009


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