"THICKET",  2004,  30" x 30", oil on panel

"THICKET", 2004, 30" x 30", oil on panel


Everything about the Autumn in Santa Fe is perfect to me.

It’s not QUITE here but last night,  all night long I felt it sneaking in.

I was up most of the night for some reason.

The moon is waning but still has that strangely magnetic pull to it.

It had me last night..  wanted me to go out there.

Honestly,  I feel almost sinful that I didn’t do that.

I was just too,  too perfectly content there in bed and feeling the slight chill after such a stretch of the heavy heat we’ve been having.

All through the night I watched the shivering aspen leaves out my window reflecting the moon.

I felt the quiet and tended my nest.

I just let each moment slide effortlessly into the next.

There was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in me that wanted ANYTHING to be DIFFERENT.

Today,  I’m tired but feel soft.  Expectant.  Because change is coming.   Autumn is pulling into the driveway and parking her car.

All this to say that my BODY LOVES THIS SEASON!!!!!!!!

I walk better.  Feel better.   Eat better.  Have energy.  Get inspired more.  Feel friendlier.  More on top of my game.

I really need the seasons.

Helps me remember that change is the only thing we can actually count on.


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  1. Sharon Rose on August 12th, 2009

    I always told my kids”change is the only thing we can count on” ! And I am remembering this all of the time. Thank you for saying all of this, you continually bring me back to center. I love you for this!
    Last night was a major meteor shower….perhaps you were feeling the pull of that too??
    Miss you,

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