Pieces of a Whole

"SHE",  1993,  4' x 28",  m/m

"SHE", 1993, 4' x 28", m/m


I always sort of cringe when I see this piece I created so long ago.

It is one of those works of art that had me by the throat and made me do it.

But I am still somehow intrigued that it actually came from me so I thought I’d just take another look and try for a direct gaze instead of a sideways one,  for a change..

She looks kindof like she has prison garb on the top.

The bottom is this naive attempt at a door opening as I remember.

Her head is a spiral and two crosses at her sides.

A galaxy seems to be going on behind her.

She is put together somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle. 

She is wearing a dress.

Over the years as an artist,  a few recurring symbols have kept me company.

I was never particularly interested in digging too deep for their messages;  I just allowed them their place as they saw fit.

I know SOME things about why these motifs feel personal to me.

The spiral is intriguing because it’s movement can be either inward,  outward,  upward or down.

The cross has both the horizontal  (human)  and the vertical  (Spirit).

A doorway can be entered or exited.

The stripes probably signify the SHADOW in us;  choose to look or no..

The stars.. possibility.

When I pull this piece of art apart like this I can see her story.  The voice she carries unbeknownst to me at the time.

Hers is my story,  of course;  the parts that make up my whole.

I look at her and see her youth.  How she didn’t know how to do the  ‘take-away’  I now use as medicine..  in my art and elsewhere.. that of removing EVERYTHING EXTRA..  each element that doesn’t need to be there,  GOES.

The reduction to ESSENCE that comes with the grit of unexpected life.

The stuff we think we need and don’t.

The people we love and shouldn’t.

The lines we draw that are awkward.

I love this girl that showed herself in this painting.

I love this woman who can now love and not judge the young ‘her’.

I love the whole damn bumpy road.


Just for today, probably….


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