bowl,  18"d x 5"h,  1999, ceramic

bowl, 18"d x 5"h, 1999, ceramic

Lately, I am continually drawn to an architect named John Pawson (see – my computer isn’t letting me do a link this morning..)

He knows about editing.

I WANT to know about editing down to the very essential. I am a student of editing one’s life.

I’m not sure I’d like to live inside one of his buildings but he certainly does the ‘nothing extra’ thing well.

Light, shadow and a whisper of the organic.

It’s almost like living in bonsai.

You know, that pesky branch sticking out to the left too far?

Snip, snip..

This black mascara doesn’t match the new softness in my heart..

Snip, snip.. Gone.

If I talk to this person on the phone, he will steal whatever little bit of life juice I’ve got in me today and I can’t afford it..

Snip, snip..

Does that make me bad?

Because I don’t really have all my warriorship protection skills down yet..

That’s why this process of living essentially is vital to me.

Kindof messy in the beginning but

I can’t find out what IS essential till I realize what’s NOT.. Let it go.. Make a vacuum that invites something new and spare, elegant and connected.

Sort of Calvin Klein with a little dirt on the hem of my coat..

****** PS.. Olivia is hanging in here.. fighting the good fight. I love my dog.


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