"MASK",  1992,  12" x 5",  ceramic

"MASK", 1992, 12" x 5", ceramic

Yesterday, I attended a luncheon called WOMEN ON THE MOVE which was a fundraiser for the MS society.

I was honored to be invited by a new friend who was the keynote speaker.

I was told that usually people dealing with MS don’t get an invitation because it’s safe to assume we don’t have much money left over after all is said and done.

It was a really well attended affair..a class act..good food, pretty people, all the shadowy parts of the disease ‘nicened up’ a bit for the purpose of the affair.

My friend was brave in the delivery of her testimonial. She proudly sang short verses of songs to illustrate some of her points which were put forward in a lovely and honest way.

Afterwards, as people were milling around, I heard in various conversations that it was so great to know about the different kinds of MS, how it affects ones’ life, the adaptations we have to make, etc..

Walking with my walker gave me a great entry into conversations with some of the elite of New Mexico. I have a very visual disability as the walker goes where I go and I can’t hide it.

What I noticed from speaking with people was a really palpable relief from being introduced to some of the specifics of this disease we don’t hear on TV.

These were people opening their checkbooks wide and doing so out of their innate compassion but the fact seemed to be that many of them had never been up close and personal with the disease.

Made me see how very important it is to TALK out loud with people about this challenge and help people pull down the walls between the able and not. To educate people into a zone that feels safe enough to enter; not just for us afflicted with the disease because as we all know- NO ONE GETS A PASS in the human frailty realm.

It’s a good thing to feel like an ambassador in that way.

I didn’t follow my own words of wisdom from yesterday’s post about listening, tho…

I sat at a table next to a GORGEOUS twenty-something and saw fear in her eyes and somehow put on my bulldozer outfit as I launched into sharing what I know about MS with a newly diagnosed and terrified girl.

Oh, Cathy.. When will you learn to contain yourself when the situation calls for it?

Really, I just wanted to help. To sooth. To heal. To fix.

But I forgot to listen and she became invisible under the weight of my ‘share.’

I really need to get out in public more to hone my skills as a civilized being..  I did notice yesterday that most all my social inhibition and shyness was GONE!  Interesting..

I realize I may have been rambling a bit here but I am sensing something coming to the surface for me which is not fully formed..maybe a way to participate in a more visible manner toward the goal of educating people about MS? Working with kids? I don’t know yet.. But surely I am changing and beginning to feel ‘a CALL’ or invitation to do something I had never before considered.

I love new territory! Today, I promise to be a better listener for guidance and inspiration offered me from any source whatsoever which might help me move forward.


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