This is a piece I made after a trip to the South Carolina seashore.

I love to look for treasures after a storm.

What you see are hundreds of oyster shells with small ceramic stick-like shapes which look like the seaweed I saw that morning.

I threw in a few shells from other beach adventures.

The piece is called “TIDE” and is 5′ x 5′ in size; big enough to get lost in.

I went to a new MS support group yesterday and found some pretty fabulous pearls..

Not a victim of circumstance in sight.

A father concerned about his daughter going off to Israel for 35,000. worth of stem cell therapy.

A high-tech titanium wheelchair with cool visibility lights on one wheel held a fabulous vet who knew everyone and, it seemed, everything a person like me wanted to know about where, how and who to talk to about anything. She surfs, skis, paraglides, horsebackrides and lives fuller than most.

A great man with sparkly eyes and an easy, bighearted way about him made me glad to sit next to him.

A beautiful woman who had attended one of my workshops recognized me immediately and as she walked perfectly, I said: “You were diagnosed with MS, too?” “Yeah.. the fatigue thing.. ”

I really don’t take to groups too well. I’ve seen them fall to the lowest common denominator too often to count.

Not here, though..

These were people making a LIFE!

Yes, challenged by slurred speech, fatigue and a host of other pesky obstacles but probably not too different than you..

They CHOSE to remake the grit into some pearlescent thing.

A precious and unassuming treasure passed over by many.

Not an in-your-face kind of beauty but a noble and upright sheen that catches one unawares..

And, after the moment of contact; never again the same.


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