"WOMAN/MAN",  2000, 12" x 3" x 1", ceramic

"WOMAN/MAN", 2000, 12" x 3" x 1", ceramic

I watched this movie called THE WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR”.

It’s a new-agey thing but the message and story was good.

A gymnast gets in a huge motorcycle wreck and his Olympic hopes are dashed.

He meets Nick Nolte posing as a sage/’service’ station owner who edges the boy away from his ego toward the absolute power of living in the moment.

The healing that takes place is anchored by the films’ motto: A WARRIOR IS ABOUT ABSOLUTE VULNERABILITY.

The film ended and I sat there thinking and looked up and saw these two sculptures on my wall. I have kept them for my collection and am glad I did.

They hang right next to a window hung with horizontal wooden blinds that rest half open.

After watching the movie and thinking about the importance of vulnerability, I looked up and saw the juxtaposition of the sculptures and window blinds and saw them as similar..

I thought: really the times I feel most alive are when I let the world move me as it will… when the slats of MY blinds are half open/half closed so it leaves me prepared to experience fully what I choose and ready to close them when that’s what’s called for.

Sort of : ever-at-the-ready.

I really liked thinking of these two figurative sculptures as windows; of ME as a window…

With the ultimate power of free will and choice in the decision to remain open. Or not.

I think THAT is where a sense of true safety comes from. It’s an inside job. Nobody/nothing can give it or take it.

And from that place, it seems ANYTHING is possible.

Just a thought I’m thinking this morning.

I’m gonna walk out in the world and practice..


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