Self Portrait

fur portrait

This piece was created in 2002, not too long following a divorce and the diagnosis of MS and the death of my mother.

I like it.

It is strong. Unapologetic. Hopeful.

The elements are naturally pigmented earth (yes, THIS is what colors New Mexico serves up!),

.. mica in the shape of a butterfly stretching her wings at the bottom of the piece,

.. red fur to symbolize my very primal love of life and being a woman, pointy things surrounding the nest of fur to protect her (not a leaden wall but more a fence with openings..),

..gravel at the bottom to suggest the rigor of the road,

..and a gold thread takes you to the apex of the pyramid

..where there is a chinese coin and small piece of quartz to magnify the intent of reaching for the gift (whatever that may be..)

I love the strong shape of the pyramid; something we often associate with male power when used in this direction.

When my intuition told me to use this shape in this way on the SELF PORTRAIT, I knew I would be ok..

I could NEVER have negotiated these rugged roads on my map without the fierce and unrelenting choices I make to KEEP RE-ENTERING the ring.

After that initial push, I can soften a bit and bat my eyelashes at the opponent in the hopes of creating some fertile ground to move from. (perks of feminine wiles..) The opponent running the gamut from fear to fatigue to disappointment to rage to apathy to disbelief..

Something more COOPERATIVE rather than EXCLUSIVE seems to work better.


You’ll find me out back pulling those die-hard weeds..


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