Untitled,  2002,  28"h x 5"w, ceramic

Untitled, 2002, 28"h x 5"w, ceramic

I spoke with a good friend yesterday and heard all her stories about five-star travel, love affairs, hedonistic and spiritual adventures both..

I had to take a nap afterwards.

Why, I wondered, was I left feeling spent and reeling?

I lay down with my dog and we just WERE together for awhile.

My stomach relaxed. My breathing slowed. My chest unclenched. My jaw parted a bit.

Wow.. I guess THIS is relaxed, I thought..

I laughed at my surprise. Then I just sort of steeped in the realization of the unrecognized level of stress I carry just as a daily load. So normal to my being.

Then I really looked at what my ALREADY jagged nervous system does in the presence of someone else’s which travels at the speed of light.. (which our culture highly values)

MS-the taskmaster..at it again.. It MAKES me LOOK. MAKES me CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY.

Feels lonely sometimes.

But then again; that little time I had with my dog at rest was close to a top-five life experience in it’s effect on my psyche and system.

Strangely, I felt MORE connected..not less in the little readjustment scenario I was presented with.

I love my friend and her larger-than-life life.

I love the softness in my own belly when I am at peace.

Here is the healing.


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