The Wall

"DESIRE",  1990,  24" x 36", m/m

"DESIRE", 1990, 24" x 36", m/m

Since I’m an artist and a human being, I am interested in creativity.

I read and listen to conversations about manifestation and wonder..

Does the capacity to create or change or alter the course of an artwork or illness or love affair have it’s genesis in the mind?

Is it a DECISION we DECIDE to put our blood behind? Our flood of power and intent pointed in a particular direction over time?

What’s the difference between a wish and a prayer and an intention?

Does the success of a thing depend on whether we’re doing the action of supplication RIGHT?

Or is the whole thing moot and our place is to remain utterly alive in the moment and be prepared and open to receive?

Is ANYTHING we DO regarding altering existence worth DOING or even APPROPRIATE?

And if it isn’t, how would the universe know anything about what particular Christmas tree to plop ME down underneath?

Do I have ANY say here?

And if I do, what language does God speak so I can make sure the message is delivered?

And if the thing is to SURRENDER; what’s the difference between a nap and opening to what IS?

Emptiness is the thing that is most appealing to me these days.

But I’m not sure it isn’t because I’m just spent down..


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