Yellow Man

untitled,  30" x 22",  1992,  monoprint

untitled, 30" x 22", 1992, monoprint

I came across this print I made from years ago and started laughing..

I remember it being a landscape of sorts as I added the bold red horizontal as the horizon line.

The shell beneath it is to suggest the sea.

Then there’s the spiral for the sun and the rest is weather, I guess..

But see the little yellow man dancing on the sun?

Hard to see him in the photo.  He has his legs apart and waving his arms in the air.  His back is arched.

How odd I chose to put him there.

What WAS I thinking?

I remember studying a particular kind of native american pottery called Mimbres

In this work there is always a figure of some sort; animal or human, which is painted in the center of the pot.

When the bowl is ‘done’ (no longer to be used), the figure in the center is RELEASED by breaking out the center.

I remember taking this great shape of a man and copying it to make a stencil.


Riding on the sun.

Yellow as can be.

What does it all mean?

I haven’t a clue.

But it makes me feel good to look at it.


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