Biology of Belief

textile design, 1990, pigment on wool flannel

textile design, 1990, pigment on wool flannel

Recently, an MD I highly respect suggested I take a look at some of Bruce Lipton’s ideas about how consciousness affects health and healing. He began working with stem cells in the 60’s.

His hypothesis is essentially that it is not our genes which predetermine the state of our being but rather the other way around; what we believe about ourselves is the actual blueprint that has the ultimate say-so on who we become physically.

This line of thinking reeks of new-age innocence and magical thinking.

I say that with a slight smile because we all make wrong what we know nothing about often just BECAUSE we don’t know and this admission makes us feel stupid because WE DON’T KNOW!

But are those things bad?


I can NOT imagine life without MAGIC.

If I hold true that the intelligence we are coached as a culture to revere and take as truth which is heavily weighted toward PROVABLE science is flawed and less than the whole picture, then I owe it to myself to look elsewhere..

And so I do. And have. And will continue to.

Which means taking what’s good and leave the rest but not until I really open to possibility.

Because NO ONE seems to know much of anything about MS and this leaves quite an open field.

And so I read and listen and try stuff and see what happens in my body.

It is such a no-brainer that the challenge I deal with is an autoimmune illness instead of, say, cancer or arthritis or whatever.

My body turns in on itself.

I’ve been fighting the urges to be both very visible and INvisible all my life.

Seems that tug-o-war had to find a voice somewhere along the line.

Anyway, this is interesting turf as I make my way through.

How DO you change your thinking, anyway?

Lately, I’m just so damn weary of looking outside myself for answers. I think this may be the very thing Bruce Lipton is trying to get us to see.

We’ll see..


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  1. helen on October 5th, 2009

    be careful of clutching at straws.

    i know myself that it can be quite alluring given the nature of our condition but everything needs to be looked at with an unemotional eye before we abandon all else to quackery.

    somethings that maybe suggested are nothing more than snake oil, if it gives you peace by all means use it, but not at the expense of traditional and empirical research.

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