Moving Forward

detail, "RENAISSANCE", 10' x 4', 2009, earth, mdf

detail, "RENAISSANCE", 10' x 4', 2009, earth, mdf

Today, I am hosting an open house where I will divest myself of most of my private art collection.. the pieces I created over the years that I chose to live with.

The purpose for this event is twofold: one- to have the opportunity to offer my work well below gallery prices in the hope people I care about may be able to take something beautiful home with them, and two- to purchase a wheelchair-adapted van for myself in the near future.

People have asked me if I feel sad letting all this art of mine go.

The truth is that I am thrilled to pass the work on to it’s next steward.

I really am not attached which kindof surprises me, actually.

Each work of art gave me what it could and now someone else will have the pleasure.

I am more of a ‘process artist’ which means that the actual process of creating is the main event for me; not so much the end result.

This serves me really well in my challenge with MS, too.

Not to be so attached to the end result but to enjoy the ride; learn, listen, cry, laugh.. the whole shebang..

Easy to say- harder to do.

But, I think, worth every effort in that direction.


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