New Ground

detail of installation,  1992, ceramic, coal, earth

detail of installation, 1992, ceramic, coal, earth

I LOVE gaining ground..

Decisions I have been making lately regarding diet and most of all asking for and receiving support are really shifting my point of view as I negotiate these challenges inherent in a body hosting MS.

Doctors tell me I have no control over the progression of disability in my body.

But I never once (maybe once) believed them.

I am seeing that this is surely an inside job and of late, the choices I am making are helping me feel more whole.

Five things I am doing now that are shifting things:

1. I am letting self judjement fall away.

2. I know in every cell of my body that the supplements and medications I use are helping me heal. I make the taking of them a really conscious and sacred event in my day.

3. I am opening myself to support; things like being fitted for a leg brace, feeling good about inviting friends over to help with my open house this weekend.

4. My diet is very clean; organic with no yeast, dairy, sugar, coffee, alcohol and lots of vegetables and fruit. I have not turned into a boring and food-centric person which was a fear. (Granted, this is MY perspective..)

5. I pray. Alot. The way I pray has changed as I am making invitations to the Gods for my SELF. (My Episcopalian upbringing still waits for the thunderbolt as I say that..)

These things are making a marked difference in the quality of my life.

Making my way through the MS landscape feels like tiptoeing through the above landscape with the additional mines buried here and there.

Gently, and with all the presence I can muster, I go…


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