Here’s my healer-dog..

She rides in the pouch of my walker sometimes.

She is close to better after a long haul of antibiotics and love…

The love thing…

Can’t you see it in there? That willingness to show herself in this photo but with an ever so slight reserve because she needs time to see if she can trust?

Honestly, this creature has got it goin’ on…

She registers energy with a laser beam accuracy. I never know quite why she’ll go off barking on someone and not another.

I have a REALLY hard time with the barking thing as it grates on my nervous system big time.

I bought her a bark collar that sprays citronella when she barks.

After having gone through her recent ‘close-to-death’ scare, I can’t seem to bear putting the collar on. Who am I to control her voice?

I can mark my life by  ‘BL and AL’.     Before Livvy and after Livvy.

The human world is very challenged in the ‘open heart’ department.

We LOVE our MINDS! We love them so much!!!!!!!! They enchant us with their twists and turns. We NEED their golden tether. We swoon at the symphony!


It bores me.

I look into Olivia’s eyes and sense a vast room filled with nothing but baskets woven lovingly and filled with every imaginable pure and good thing all lined up at the ready to dole out to me and her select others…

She is judicious about her giving. Nothing indiscriminate. But pure and decisive and utterly abandoned to the task when she chooses to do it.

She keeps herself close and her energy safely tucked in toward herself when she needs ‘away- from-human-time’.

I watch her take care of herself in this way.

Really, we humans AREN’T that trustable, are we?

Works in progress, all.

Thank God for the way -showers….


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