Power Tools

"THE COMING", 2001, 40"x40", m/m

"THE COMING", 2001, 40"x40", m/m

A friend told me he had to use a bulldozer to move all the mud from our recent rains.

I felt jealous.

I had the opportunity once long ago to drive a tractor and cut hay.

I really could have done that for the rest of my life and been quite happy.. (the other farm stuff doesn’t really do much  for me, though..)

Anyway, I was thinking that men have their power tools and I wondered what mine are?

At the top of my list goes CHANEL No. 5 cologne or body lotion.

When I need to remember myself, I go straight for that bottle.

Next, I would say my stash of a supplement called MAX B which is jammed with B vitamins my body craves.

Then, there is the ‘power spot’ in my home where I lie down with earphones on and listen to a cd of Tibetan Bowls being played. My dog is plastered on my stomach.

Another tool is going on a driving adventure to a tried and true place or a destination unknown.

I use my connection to the moon when I need it.

I wear either black or white as both those ‘colors’ never conflict with the ‘me’ that seems to shift so often energetically.

I tuck power objects into my clothes.

I have raw and honest and funny conversations with good girlfriends.

My creativity is another tool that never lets me down. Ever.

If I feel really far away from myself, I GIVE SOMETHING TO SOMEONE ELSE.  Works every time.

Oh, and let’s not forget the perfect lipstick. Sounds shallow, I know, but these are things that serve me well.

And what is the thread connecting all the things in MY toolbox?

I suppose that each of these things helps BRING ME HOME.

By that, I mean the natural and unaffected, authentic Cathy. The one I am beginning to know and trust to stick around.

The one I forget and need help remembering.

I like her.

And so, I give her the things she likes.

And let us not forget the pleasure in taking in a field of hay on a tractor with a red seat in the afternoon heat of the sun…

..and the scent of GREEN…… home.


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  1. Hannah Griffin on October 26th, 2009

    Love this post Cathy! When I think of you I make a solid connection in my memory with Chanel No. 5 and a funny, fantastic, beautiful lady in black. Love you!

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