"DECENT", 1998, 5' x 40", m/m

"DECENT", 1998, 5' x 40", m/m

It’s snowing in New Mexico.

I seem to thrive on change. It makes me feel alive.

Growing up in Michigan was a little much as the winters there are grey, slushy, frigid and wet. Oh, yes, and LLLLLOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGG.

But in Santa Fe, Winter is brilliant and exciting and pristine and (almost) welcome.

The thing is that Mother Nature RULES here in the land of enchantment.

We, humans, can’t get too big for our britches because the land here is just so BIG! BIGGER THAN US!!

I love that.

It helps me put things into perspective when they’re not.

Like today.. my joints ache and my fatigue level is high and my limbs are weak and, and, and..

BUT… the seasons are changing and it is white outside the window and there is a question as to what wily MOTHER NATURE will do next because she is a mystery and keeps her secrets so well.

No BODY can know what she has plans for..

And that, to me, is very exciting.


But mostly I feel relieved that she has never revealed all her cards.

We, who think we’re so smart, can’t see beneath her veil.

I feel put in my place.

And grateful for the unknowing.


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