The Beginning and the End

"WHITE BARNACLES", 1994, 20" x 60", m/m

"WHITE BARNACLES", 1994, 20" x 60", m/m

This weekend I will host a studio sale and let go of a good portion of my private collection of art.

Over the years, I have saved one work from each period in my career, the above being one of them.

The purpose for this sale is twofold:

One is to purchase a van to house a power wheelchair.

This is a remarkable transition time; some good some questionable but CHANGE, she be comin’ on fast…

The second, and perhaps more important reason to offer my work in this way is the pure joy of making my work available outside a gallery at prices which allow many of the people I know and love to have the experience of taking something beautiful home with them. They will leave with the knowledge they are supporting me in my new life in partnership with a wheelchair.

I am SO looking forward to letting all this art I have loved, go to new homes!

Interestingly, I am no longer attached to them as I once was.

They will have new lives in new places and I will be left in the space between; the room created as I let a huge piece of history go (because I love it) and welcome the vacuum created by it’s loss.

It is a win-win-win situation for the art itself, the person taking it home and for me as well.

Funny, how I thrived on my relationship to these pieces of art for so long and then.. their time with me is over…

I am sssssssooooooo glad I KNOW when to let go in this case.

The freedom is perfectly thrilling.


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