The Way

untitled, 2003, 3" x 3", ceramic

untitled, 2003, 3" x 3", ceramic

I had a friend over last night for a glass of wine out of my new and very thin glasses.

I bought great things to eat at the store for us and left them on the bottom tier of my basket.

I hadn’t the energy to go back to get them so we had cream cheese and half stale crackers and apples and deep red wine in satisfying glasses.

The food looked the same when he left as when he arrived.  There.

But I was so glad to be sitting with him. We liked each other on first meeting but had not sat down together until now.

He is a Buddhist, real estate broker/developer, forward thinker and has a kind and direct gaze.

We talked alot about the idea of co-housing. Essentially moving the commune and intentional communities of the 60’s into the present and creating housing opportunities for us who are independent by nature but bored by the inherent separation built into current living choices.

I have always guarded my privacy and desire and need for sanctuary with sometimes poorly concealed talons..

These days, I have retracted the weaponry and instead am finding myself drawn to the idea of living in close proximity to like-minded people.

This conversation was exciting to me because I can feel the impetus of CHANGE.

We, as a creative culture of forward-reaching spirits, will ensure that as we age, we do it well; with beauty, connection, innovation, intimacy and independence.

None of these are mutually exclusive, it turns out.

If I happen to fall one day, I want to know my neighbor’s name to call out to and be somewhat sure they would not find it a burden to risk the coffee maker overflowing and come see if I’m ok.

It’s not just the security thing that interests me tho..

The whole ‘island-unto-ones’- self’ bit is so DONE. Boring.

At this stage in my life, I know the kinds of people I want to be around and the idea of inviting them in a little closer is very appealing.

Change IS happening but WE are the ones who feed the fire.

Gonna’ go get me a match….


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