untitled, monoprint, 22" x 30", 1995

untitled, monoprint, 22" x 30", 1995

Each year as the holidays approach, I am keenly aware I host two Cathy’s in me.

One is eager to decorate and celebrate the season with friends and fragrance and white lights and sumptuous food and singing Christmas carols by myself in the car.

The other girl is pretty monastic or pagan or someone OTHER than the above.

Last night I fell asleep dreaming of a private holiday season spent in beauty but silently and softly just NOTICING the season instead of adding any further hoopla to it.

Silence and space are my greatest healing agents these days.

But then there’s that OTHER girl who wants to ride around with friends and look at lights and spend time wrapping packages with love and opening the door to my neighbors as they present me with homemade cookies and fudge in a pretty tin.

The Native American dances are on the wind.

I think this year, I will keep Nature VERY close as they have done.

Reduce the center-splitting temptation to fill in EVERY empty place with SOMEthing.

And let the season invite me as it will.

No future thinking.. just allowing the magic to whisper.

And making sure I leave space to hear.


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